One week in…….

And the question is………………… have I made any progress? Surprisingly (at least to me it is) I have! 🙂

So despite a busy week I have made it to step 3 of the snowflake method (remember the site I linked to last time) and character summaries are under way. Yay! I’m not going to give away too much information as still plenty of time for that. Especially if I continue at this rate, it’s going to be a while until this book is written.

Saying that I should have more time this week as my husband has gone on holiday without me (BOO! HISS!) So it’s just me and the cats. They aren’t making themselves very useful though – mainly walking across the keyboard and rubbing their faces on the screen.


Anyhow back to writing and I’ll leave you with something that I read this week that made me giggle.




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